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• Hi Dennis. I wanted to let you know finally that all is well with my piano!!!
 I found a technician who came by today and adjusted the rod associated with the practice pedal. It was a simple adjustment that took all of 2 minutes.
 The piano looks and plays beautifully, and its truly perfect for me.
 I would like to thank you for all your help in getting it  to me "safe and sound".  In  your words,  "you can't drive the truck", but you certainly did everything possible to make sure it did arrive here "safe and sound".
 Thank you, again. I will certainly add my comments to the wonderful reviews that you have received from your customers.
P. Samuels Port  St Lucie, FL.

• We are extremely grateful for The Pianotek Company who generously donated an upright piano through Give arts to us last year! We cannot be happier to send it to Jalen, our aspiring musician! Special thanks to MMS Moving Service who delivered the piano from Long Island to Brooklyn last year and JP Urban Moving who delivered it to Jalen's house today! Also, we cannot wait for our musicians to use the beautiful guitar and ukulele that Ezra Guitar donated to us! We're forever grateful for your generous support to our cause!

Thank you!


Just a quick note to let you know that I received my piano today. It's absolutely beautiful and I love it! Thank you for sending me such a beautiful piano. I'm sure I will enjoy it for many many years. Thanks again.

C Ray
Las Vegas NV

• Finally getting around to thanking you for the beautiful piano of my dreams! The Yamaha G1 is everything you said it was and I’m enjoying it so much!  You were wonderful to work with!

K. Wallace Ashville, N.C.

• Wow! Thanks Pianotek for restoring and posting the Knabe so I could later find it on your site and purchase it for my wife! The pride in your work is evident in the quality of the restoration. Rojas, the walnut refinishing looks awesome. Dennis, thanks for working with me by allowing a down payment to hold the 1930's beauty while I sold my existing grand piano. Always available for questions via phone is only one example of the personal touch provided in this long distance transaction. My wife is very pleased with the pianos' sound, touch and look. It is a substantial upgrade from her previous Kohler and Campbell piano. Thanks again for saving and restoring this beautiful piano that will now be enjoyed for generations.
J. Quillman Plano, TX

• Because I live in a small house, my options for a piano are limited to an upright. I wanted a piano that had full capabilities and would inspire me as well.
The specs on a Steinway K52 fit the bill.I began an internet search and came upon PianoTek. There was a K52 in
walnut finish listed. After speaking with Dennis on the phone, I realized that not only was he an accomplished piano technician and musician; we also had music-friends in common.
I drove 300 miles to his facility and played the 18 year old Steinway that Dennis had done some work on. I loved it! The piano was affordably priced and I
could tell that Dennis really cared about each one of the “babies” in his shop. Dennis handled the complicated delivery process and two weeks later I had a gorgeous upright in my house.

Thanks Dennis,
Jeff Layton
Ithaca, NY


Greetings Dennis.

• Michael Beachley here from Oregon.  I write to tell you that the Steinway B arrived and has been tuned.  It is gorgeous, and the sound quality is even better than I remembered from last January.  I couldn't be more pleased, and I am particularly happy with your service, care and interest in my quest for an instrument.

If you ever seek a review for your business, please do not hesitate in asking.

Thank you so very much for making this an important part of my day and my musical life.

Dr. Michael Beachley,
Corvallis, Oregon


I purchased this piano on March 18, 2016 and it arrived today, April 14, 2016. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Everything Dennis said about this piano was true. I bought this piano remotely; I live in Virginia and Dennis shipped it from New York. What a Piano! Absolutely beautiful condition; and the moving companies Dennis selected were spot-on professionals. Thanks Dennis for making my dreams come true!

B Whitaker Christiansburg VA


  I cannot say enough good things about my purchase and the experience I had with Pianotek. Owner Dennis, extended to me his complete and undivided attention throughout the entire process of selecting a piano, customizing/upgrading it and finally down to the flawless, white glove delivery.
I ended up purchasing a beautiful Steinway & Sons model S (year 1947) from them. Dennis and his expert technicians fully restored the piano back to its former glory. It came out spectacular and I couldn't be more pleased. A true gem of a piano. I found Pianotek's customer service to be exception and it's quite evident that they care deeply for their customers as well as the pianos they offer. If I ever decide to trade up, I certainly won't hesitate to give them a call. A+

T Orhhek, Weston CT


•I recently purchased an incredible Steinway Grand Piano from Pianotek, and it was an excellent experience.  Dennis (the owner) is an expert on pianos; he is both a musician and technician, and he is happy to share his knowledge.  He took the time to educate me, and make me feel comfortable while making such an important investment.  Dennis took care of everything, and when the piano arrived to my home, I couldn't believe it.  It was so beautiful; I was overwhelmed.  The piano has already given me great joy to play, and I know that it will for many years.  I now have an absolutely beautiful Steinway piano that I was able to afford, thanks to Dennis at Pianotek.

R Stevens Upper Saddle River NJ


• After considerable research, I recently purchased a magnificent 1946 Steinway Model S mahogany baby grand piano from Pianotek.  The entire process - from initial phone call and consultation with owner Dennis  to ultimate selection and delivery - went very smoothly.  Dennis is extremely knowledgeable and I learned much about pianos and piano restoration through my numerous phone calls with him.  He always made himself available to either answer my calls or get right back to me when I had to leave a message. He also welcomed - and even encouraged me - to have a Steinway-certified technician visit his shop in order to vet the piano.   On the day the piano was delivered, I wondered if it would meet my expectations.  It certainly has. In short, I would encourage anyone who is considering buying a restored piano to visit Pianotek and talk with Dennis.  You will not be disappointed!

Julie W.
Rochester, NY

• Great pianos, great service, very knowledge. Bought a Yamaha U3 from them and it's incredible!!! Highly recommended.

Paul L Rockville Ctr NY


  I can’t tell you how happy I am with my 1949 Steinway console piano!  It sounds heavenly, and the case is gorgeous!  As well as the beautiful ivory keys. 

Thank you so very much for this treasure of an instrument!

J Tresch Sacramento, CA


Got the piano today.. My wife loves it. Like you said, almost new. She has been playing it all afternoon. Thank you so much!
Bill Conkin, Louisville KY


Myself and my wife Joan were hankering after a lovely piano in honor of our mutual life love of music. As professional violinists of international acclaim, we are most discerning in our taste and requirements when it comes to a sound we like to play and work with. One of our particular passions is Chamber Music, especially with friends in the course of a relaxing evening and beyond into a more professional realm of performance.
Surfing the internet with some time to burn (as one does on a rainy Saturday afternoon), dreaming of acquiring something relatively affordable yet beautiful and in lovely condition,  I stumbled across Pianotek, a small company in Huntington Station Long Island, New York, owned and run by Mr Dennis Peracca. I lifted the phone to him and we had an exploratory chat about the various models of Steinway on display on his website
You know when you get a feeling about someone straight away? I found myself most comfortable talking with Dennis. He was not pushy in any way, and he reassured and encouraged me at every juncture throughout the discussion. I knew immediately that Dennis was a man that we could trust in our endeavors. Accordingly we decided to drive to Long Island from Cleveland to view the pianos of interest to us in his inventory.
Having stayed in NYC for two days prior to visiting Pianotek, we had time to visit two prominent piano shops in Manhattan. The pianos we viewed were presented well and played nicely, but none were to our taste. The prices were extortionate, and the sales staff were 'pianotic' renditions of car sales people. We ran out of these shops like bats out of hell, and began to contemplate calmer and kinder pitches in Long Island. Buying a piano to us was to be  taking on a companion for the rest of our lives, and thus we were looking for an instrument that was uniquely known to its vendor.
We got to Long Island on a chilly Saturday morning, a little bleary eyed having eaten the worlds worst bagel en route for breakfast, and adding insult to injury having washed it down with lasts weeks coffee percolations. Dennis greeted us at the door having opened the shop early to facilitate our schedule. We tried the various instruments of interest to us, all of which were presented to an extremely high standard and all of which sounded great in their own individual way. (Dennis is an accomplished pianist and composer, so he played the pianos for us as we listened from a distance). If you look around the shop, there are no fancy floors, no fancy lighting, pretentious fittings nor furniture. Just PIANOS.... some mid stage restoration, and most ready to appeal to a new owner. All of them clearly leave the shop completely and lovingly restored to the highest standards and ready to do another hundred years in the fast lane, (obviously with proper care and maintenance). We narrowed down to three pianos. Two model Bs and a Model A. The model A was delectable but ultimately not what we wanted in terms of size for the room it would occupy. The model Bs were of 1905 and 1997 vintage. Both instruments were really tremendous and offered very different tonal characteristics. We were tied, but knew we would be having one or other of them. We left the shop as it was obvious that we needed to go away and think about it. Dennis cordially saw us out, and we left feeling very excited but torn. We had in retrospect left Dennis with the impression that we wanted the piano other than the one we ended up selecting. I called Dennis in the ensuing few days to impart our verdict, and he had become suddenly apologetic. The piano he thought we had wanted when we left his shop had received a deposit that day. I was amused because I knew that the piano that we really fell for was available, and so it all ended so well. We were happy and Dennis was relieved not to have had to disappoint us at the last hurdle. I don't normally wish to talk about money and costs of these things, but these incredible pianos are being offered at affordable prices, thousands of dollars below what would be possible in the mainstream shops around the country. Trust us, we spent hours researching, and we would not have been so fortunate had we not stumbled across Dennis and his Pianotek team.
The piano arrived in Cleveland on schedule, delivered safely and as we had viewed it in the shop, and with its Lifesaver system installed (an absolute must for humidity control and longevity of the soundboard). The Life saver system comes at an extra cost, but if you understand how wood works and in particular relation to piano construction, you will not hesitate to take Dennis's advice and install it. It will save you heart and head ache in the future.

This turned out to be a wonderful experience for us. Dennis, you are a man of wisdom and integrity and your Pianotek team is doing extraordinary work. We now curate one of the most beautiful 1905 Steinway Bs in the country courtesy of your guidance and warm encouragement.

Best always,

A&J Louis, Shaker Hts, OH.


• In January 2015, my search for an upright piano led me to Pianotek where I was delighted to find many, many terrific pianos to choose from.  The owner, Dennis Pereca, is extremely knowledgeable and professional.   I purchased a restored 54-inch upright Yamaha U-3, which was beautifully restored to full luster and sound.  I absolutely love the piano! It has a deep full sound and a great feel.  It gives as much as an upright can.

My positive experience with Mr. Pereca during my Yamaha purchase laid the foundation for the restoration of a 100-year-old Steinway M grand Piano that I inherited.  Mr. Pereca and his colleagues at Pianotek did a fabulous job of refinishing and restoring the piano which included the installation of a new soundboard, pin block, hammers, keys and a QRS music player system.  The painstaking process of restoring this instrument, which I have great sentimental attachment to, was executed with great care, attention to detail and love.  After the restoration was completed Mr. Pereca made all of the arrangements for shipment of the Piano to a residence, which is out- of state.   If you are considering a purchase or restoration I highly recommend Pianotek.  They are a great asset to their industry.

J. King Port Washington, NY







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