The following testimonials are completely unedited and undoctered.  If you prefer You may also leave feedback for Pianotek at
What a world we live in. Buy a piano on line in New York, send it to Texas down on a creek, 30 miles from the nearest stop light, 2 miles down a dirt road. Plug it in and it plays excellent.
What a great business you are running Dennis. Thanks from Texas.
Raymond Henry, Lafores TX

Hello Dennis, The piano reached my house last Friday. It reached in Japan December 23rd, but because of new year holiday in Japaan, it spent much more time to get it. As you say, the piano is excellent sound and perfect condition!! Thank you for the excellent piano! I'm glad that I can get the piano from Pianotek. I have a friend who is looking for steinway piano, I may introduce about Pianotek. Thank you very much.
 Naoki & Mika,
Tokyo  Japan
I recently purchased a Yamaha U1 from Dennis and I felt like I needed to share a few thoughts with anyone out there looking to purchase a piano remotely. If you are like me and do not live in or near a big city, you quickly come to the realization that you are going to have to purchase a piano remotely. As you know, purchasing a piano is a daunting task. The choices are endless and the people selling them range from experts to salesman to people who just want to take your money. After looking through every website known to man and talking to countless people, I ended up purchasing a piano from Dennis for one reason...I felt like Dennis wanted to match me with a piano that I would enjoy playing. I didn't get that feeling from everyone else. I originally called Dennis to inquire about a grand piano he had for sale and after talking to me for a few minutes, Dennis suggested I take a look at an upright instead. I dismissed the idea and kept on with my search for a grand piano.  After some time I thought maybe I should listen to Dennis and kept going back to his website to listen to his Yamaha uprights. I found that the Yamaha uprights sounded better than most all of the grands I had been considering, but at a fraction of the price. I decided to take the leap and purchased a 1985 Yamaha U1 and I can't even begin to describe how beautiful this piano looks and plays. I have had several people comment that they thought the piano was brand new. My thought to you if you are on the fence or just tired of looking around and wondering if the advice you are getting is true... just stop and call Dennis. He will match you with a piano in your price range and you can spend your time playing your new piano instead of looking for one. Thanks Dennis for recommending my Yamaha upright. I Love my "new" piano.
D.Venneri,  State College PA

I would like to let you know how happy I am with my purchase from Pianotek. Our new Yamaha U1 piano just arrived and it is everything that I was hoping it to be!  The condition is amazing and it really does look as good as new. The sound of the piano is fantastic- it has a great bass and an overall medium tone that I was hoping for. I will enjoy playing this professional quality piano, and I look forward to my kids learning on it for many years to come! I would like to write a review for your web site to help encourage people that are looking, similar to the position I was in not long ago. For anyone reading this review, I purchased from Pianotek entirely "remotely" from the Toledo, Ohio area. I was not able to go into the shop and I did not elect to have an independent 3rd party check the piano. However, I did my homework on the Yamaha U1's, talked with local "experts" on used Pianos (including a local company that couldn't get me a used U1 in the black finish), and read many of the reviews on the web site and a few others.  All of those things helped me make a decision to go with Pianotek, and I am very happy I did. Dennis- It has been a real pleasure working with you.  The YouTube video of the piano really helped me see and hear what I was going to be purchasing. You've been fantastic at communicating, and are always quick to respond. You answered every question I had very quickly and helped me through the entire process, every step of the way. I was especially impressed because I happened to be shopping when Hurricane Sandy was going through your area the same week. I can't imagine all the other things you were probably having to deal with at that time- I really appreciate the customer service! PS- if you ever need a reference in this area, I would be glad to provide one. I am also planning to give you a call when my Church is piano shopping for a full sized grand later next year!
PPS - if you ever make a music CD or mp3, I would love to buy it- your songs are fantastic!
Sincerly, Greg Huber,   Northwood, OH  (Toledo area)


Wow what a wonderful Steinway this is! The touch is exactly perfect. The music coming out of this Steinway is truly beautiful. The most subtle nuances are possible when playing a composition. I am totally blown away. I cannnot thank you enough for making the purchase possible. P.S. My satin black Steinway I purchased from Sonny's Pianos is on it's way to you. The key touch on that piano is very odd. I am curious what you do to fix it. Thanks,
R Bocash Enfield NH

I've been a professional piano and keyboard player in New York for Broadway and Off-Broadway shows for the past 12 years.  I've played practically every piano in every rehearsal studio in New York.  For the past three years I've been storing a great un-refurbished 1927 6' Steinway L Grand piano in my apartment for a neighbor.  When it was finally sold recently I immediately went on a search for a Yamaha U3 because it would fit in my studio better, and because of all the pianos in all the studios I've played in the U3 is hands down the best sounding and best feeling upright piano out there.  I found a 1988 U30 at Pianotek that by far was better than any U3 I've ever played - (and that's a lot of pianos).  I was blown away!  And in my studio it sounds as big if not bigger and actually much cleaner than the Steinway grand I previously had in my apartment.   Pianotek had a U3, a U30 and a U300 at the time that I visited - I honestly would have taken any of them home!  I'm not sure how he does it, but Dennis at Pianotek manages to get better pianos in his store than anywhere else.  I looked at a whole bunch of other piano stores, not all of them even had a U3 and even when they did, I just wasn't impressed.  Until I went to Pianotek!  Seriously, if you're in the market for a U3, or any piano really, and you're anywhere remotely close to his shop in Long Island, just go!  You'll save yourself a lot of time.
J. Loffredo,
New York  NY

Dennis, everyone is very happy! My son and daughter both love the piano. My wife thinks it “looks beautiful” and I am happy as the above are happy! Dealing with you/Pianotek made the whole process really straightforward.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  Yes, the drinks are on me if you come to Bermuda – just send me an email!  All the best,
M. Morrison,
Hamilton Bermuda

Thanks for my immaculate, professional quality 1995 Yamaha U3, which arrived in less than two weeks' time of leaving your showroom.  For the two days that I played it before my technician came to check it out, I knew I had a winner - typically crisp Yamaha action, bright mid-range and treble, throaty and rumbling bass that rings as long as our 7' grand at church.Our technician was flabbergasted at the quality of this instrument.  He showed my wife how the strings, action, and other internal components looked as though the piano had barely been played just out of the factory.  He barely had to tune it, and found that it easily took and held the tuning. The Yamaha U3 is what he recommends to a lot of his clients, as it hasstrings and sound comparable to a 6' grand at a lower cost.  Our technician has tuned pianos for the likes of Pat Boone, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Floyd Cramer, Glen Miller Orchestra, Lee Greenwood, and Lou Rawls, among others. Having played publicly for decades on a variety of pianos, I can attest that this piano would be at home in any recording studio or on any stage. Having never bought anything this expensive over the Internet, I was apprehensive about purchasing a piano without first playing the specific one I was going to buy.  Having played several Yamahas before, I knew what toexpect.  My expectations were exceeded, over-the-top, by the instrument you sent me. You are an honest merchant, to be admired and trusted.  Your description of the piano was complete and accurate. You communicated with us by phone and e-mail promptly and courteously while we were making our decision to purchase.  You deserve all the business you can handle, and I will do everything in my power to open up the central North Carolina market (my technician already has some potential customers in mind) to you and your colleagues at Pianotek. I would be delighted to communicate with any prospective buyers should they desire to hear directly from a happy customer prior to deciding to purchase a piano from you. While this piano will last me a lifetime and pass on to my children, should I ever decide to buy another one, I would definitely call on you again! Thanks a million.
T and L Robertson,
Rocky Mount SC

I would like to thank the pianotek company for the beautiful U30 Yamaha piano I recently purchased.  I was apprehensive on this decision due to the fact that I was working in Iraq when I decided to upgrade my Yamaha Console piano for this wonderful upgrade. As a piano player for 20 years, I think I know the quality sound when I hear it. and that is what I was looking for. The owner of Pianotek via phone calls assured me that I would love this piano and He would be able to put this piano in my house in Ohio. Needless to say, I bought this piano and true to his word, the piano was delivered to my house in excellent condition and I would like to say that the sound is unbelievable. To me this piano sounds better than a grand!   The service and and honesty with this purchase says a lot to me on the proper way to do business, and I am very happy with this investment. Regards
  D Higgins,  Wauseon Ohio

  Dennis, you sold me the piano I've wanted all my life! Here it is in Tucson, Arizona with it's wonderful humidity system keeping everything just right. The piano bench is wonderful too. I am a movie maker and will be playing this beauty (I call her "my Lady") on the soundtrack of my next movie that will be shot in Buenos Aires. Tango anyone? Tamb-ien quero decir que para todo uds musicos este es el comercio de pianos que necesitan. Sincerely, with deep gratitude,
Janice Dewey
, Tuscon AZ

 •  I researched buying a piano for our children for nearly 6 months. I went to a university "piano sale" but felt it to be more of a higher pressure sales tactic and I nearly spent more for an inferior piano. I stumbled upon Pianotek while looking for slightly used pianos on ebay. I spoke with several different sellers of refurbished pianos and found Dennis to be the most honest and knowledgeable.  I called him on many occasions and he was always receptive to my questions. I, as most people, was hesitant to buy a piano unseen but was glad I did. Our U3A arrived in perfect condition and still in tune despite being delivered in the middle of a cold Michigan winter. Thanks again! Regards,
Avi P, Ann Arbor  MI

  I have been shopping for an upright piano for almost a year, and I feel fortunate to have found Dennis at PianoTek to help me with my purchase. After initially talking with Dennis, his passion for pianos became evident. In a time of terrible customer service, it was refreshing to talk to someone who was genuinely excited about his products and his customers’ needs. He answered all my questions honestly and never gave me a feeling that I was asking too many questions. I was concerned about making a major purchase without actually seeing and touching the piano. Fortunately, PianoTek actually has the pianos in stock and Dennis tests and checks each piano before he makes it available for purchase. He was even able to play it for me over the phone. This gave me a sense of confidence and comfort. I knew that I was buying a quality instrument and had someone “looking out” for me. Dennis kept in contact with us from the moment of purchase, through the delivery process, and finally to the set up in our home. More importantly, he wanted to make sure we liked the piano. He seemed just as excited as we were the day the piano was delivered. He was eager to hear about our reaction to the piano. Needless to say, as Dennis described, the Kawai piano is beautiful and we love the addition to our home. We had it tuned and checked over by a professional and he was equally impressed with the quality and the sound of the piano. We enjoyed Christmas music from our new piano this year and we look forward to many years of beautiful music in the house. I will not hesitate to recommend Dennis and PianoTek as a great combination of customer service, quality products, and value.
J. Kaspar, York PA

•  The used piano we bought from you based on your recommendation has proven to be a true champ.  I am constantly amazed at the quality and, most of all, the value.  It is obvious why you have been in this business for such a long time.  We eagerly look forward to recommending you to our friends and family across the country.  They will certainly benefit from your experience, intensity, expertise, integrity, diligence, honesty and passion.  I could have saved the long drive by simply watching your videos and picking a piano that way!
J. WuSyosset NY

  •  We are a musical family.  We have always had a piano in our home, but nothing that would approach "professional quality".  Recently, I decided to sell my Yamaha motorcycle so I could by my wife a piano she really wanted--a Yamaha piano.  We had looked online for quite awhile as we are not located in an area where there is a lot of piano inventory (a small island north of Seattle Washington).  We discovered  Dennis and PianoTek on eBay, and then went to his website to view his entire inventory.  We decided that a Yamaha U3X would be the best  possible option for us--if only we could find one for a price we liked.  Well, after a few phone calls to Dennis back over in New York,  he told us he had a U3X coming in, and it was within our budget.  But  it wasn't in his shop at that moment. We are not people who make a major purchase without doing our homework.  While it can be intimidating to make such a large purchase  for a piano literally sight unseen, we signed a contract.  Dennis is a knowledgeable, friendly person, and he walked us through every step of  the process.  When the piano finally arrived in his shop, he  immediately posted a video of the piano in action for us to see.  Even over the Internet, it sounded amazing. That piano now sits in my living room. It is beautiful in every way. My wife smiles every time she plays it.  From the highest key to  the lowest note, this piano is stunning in its' sound.  We are very pleased with our piano, and Dennis is an honest person I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a piano, whether you are down the street from his shop, or all the way cross the country on a tiny  island like us!
John & Sharon Boyd, Friday Harbor, WA

•  We feel fortunate to have found Pianotek to handle the consignment and sale of our Steinway S. The process was involved; the piano required much work to bring it back to its former glory. Dennis is extremely knowledgeable and skillful and the piano sold soon after the work was completed. He is a genuine individual who worked to make the process smooth, and profitable. We will miss the piano but would heartily recommend Pianotek to anyone considering a consignment. 
A. Ward,  Vero Beach FL

    •  The Yamaha we purchased at The Pianotek Company was one of the best things we've ever done!  
P. Chiccharro, Northport NY


    •  Great piano, great service.. a real gentleman.  
C. Pelli, Massapequa NY

    •  Purchased a player piano and love it. Pleasure doing business with Pianotek  
J. Curtis, 
Palos Verdes CA


    •  Awesome product!  Piano is better than new!...My wife and I are more than pleased.
C. SocciNew York  NY


    •  Absolutely love the G2  Yamaha Player piano purchased from Dennis at Pianotek  
R. NewberryEdmond OK

    •  Thank you for your expertise. We love the YamahaG1 
F. Gidaro, Pittsbugh PA

    •  The Steinway grand we purchased from Pianotek is better than any other Steinway I tried. I love my piano! 
A. Blauvelt, Huntington NY

    •  The C2 Yamaha is exactly as described. Thank You Dennis!      
D. Dodai, Milton MA

Anybody who knows me knows I’m a bit of a perfectionist…to put it mildly.  That’s why I’m so glad I found PianoTek.  Dennis Pereca (the owner, proprietor, life, blood and spirit of PiankTek) has been my “piano guru” for the last decade and a half.  Fifteen years ago I bought my first piano from Dennis and four years ago I upgraded to a Steinway Model M.  Dennis’ unbelievable professionalism, incredible attention to detail and pride in his work make PianoTek my favorite piano store, anywhere.  Dennis is the only man I let touch my piano.
 J. Schechner, Port Washington NY.

    •  Thank you so much Dennis. The piano sounds and looks great. 
H. Bouvier,
Wilton CT

    •  We felt like we were in a new car dealership at the bigger piano stores. Pianotek is a real piano store!  
R. Blafi, Deer Park NY

    •  Love the U3 Yamaha upright we purchased.  Thanks for all the follow up.  
J. Coil, Independence MO

Pianotek provides excellent service with top of the line piano .. a rarity these days in the music business. Thanks Dennis!!
N.Mortati, Huntington NY

    •  Great Product. Would purchase from Pianotek again.
F. Chin, El Segundo CA

    •  2 thumbs Up. Great doing business with you.   Thanks Again!       
A. Falisa, Bayside NY
    •  Terrific polish and we purchased our Yamaha U3 from Pianotek as well. Terrific vendor! 
F. Krisch, Glen Cove NY

    •  Great communication.  Had Yamaha C1 shipped to Montana in 3 weeks! 
G. Salvevold, Billings Montana

    •  Good Correspondence. Would do business again. Absolutely! 
                                   B. Soulliere, Orlando FL     

                          •  The piano is great and my daughter loves it.
                                            A. Chan, Chicago IL                         

    • Very pleased. The piano is exactly as described and my friends are envious. 
            R. Karmakar, Shreveport LA

•  After doing extensive research on refurbished Yamaha upright pianos, I found the Pianotek Company online and was pleasantly surprised to see it was a local business. We proceeded to visit the shop and met with Dennis Pereca, the proprietor, who is honest, personable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. His passion for pianos is real and his expertise and guidance made owning a high-quality piano a dream come true. One visit to the Pianotek store and it is clear that Dennis lives and breathes pianos—he not only sells them, but is also a technician nonpareil—he can take an old damaged instrument and restore it to its former glory. We purchased a pristine refurbished 1985 Yamaha U1 in January 2009 and still marvel at the rich sound that emanates from this beautiful instrument. Up to that point, our son had taken lessons from the age of 3, but practiced on a portable electronic keyboard without the benefit of 88 keys. His progress on the piano just soared and two months later he received a rating of outstanding on his Level I NYSSMA piano solo. He received the same rating in 2010 for his Level II solo. Owning a piano has brought hours of musical enjoyment to our family and friends and we thank
Dennis for making our purchase a rewarding experience. 
T. Morrison, Kings Park NY
    •  I purchased a 2007 Yamaha C5  from The Pianotek Company. Very satisfied!! 
M. BaneyLincoln NE

    •  The Steinway M exceeded my expectations. The shipping arrangements went very smoothly and the piano is just as you had described and it was a real pleasure doing business with you.
A. Saiz, Panama City  Panama

    •  The Yamaha UX3 is absolutely awesome!!! Terrific communication and correspondence. A very smooth transaction.
E. Keen, Indianapolis IN

    •  Smooth transaction!!   B. Grinsberg Dunwoody GA

    •  My husband and I are are very satisfied with the purchase of our Steinway grand piano from the Pianotek Company. Will rocommened!!
S. RosenthalChappaqua NY

I was out of town when you called, but the piano did arrive safe and sound (the guys from the local company, Precision Piano Moving, were quite skilled, by the way). At any rate, the piano is in great shape and sounds wonderful. I am extremely pleased with it and enjoying it immensely.
The piano was clearly handled well by the movers and both your delivery price and the piano price were lower than Rick Jones Piano for a similar piano--you might want to note that in your advertising!
G. Reich, Lawrence KS

    •  The Mason Hamlin model A purchased from Dennis at The Pianotek Company is one of the best pianos I have ever played! I absolutely love it!!!
R. Cessartti,  Mineola NY

•  We want to thank you for the excellent job you did in getting the  gorgeous Sohmer piano to our home (safely) through the most awful weather the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest have seen in some time and all the  rain that we have had out here.  Miraculously, it did not rain yesterday when the piano people delivered the piano.  It looks gorgeous in the  room (will send you a photo) and is the perfect color (exactly as it was shown on the site); The condition of the piano is excellent and it  plays so easily.  This has really made our Christmas this year!  We thank you again for all the attention to detail (keeping us constantly  in the loop about where the piano was) and being perfectly on timeas promised for Christmas.  Many blessing to you and your staff!  We will highly recommend you to everyone we know who is looking for a piano.
J and S. JoyceEldorado Hills CA

    •  The best purchase I ever made!! My daughter plays the Kawai for hours every day. THANK YOU PIANOTEK!!
L.Shangri, Hicksville NY

Trusted The Pianotek Company with the consignment sale of my gorgeous Sohmer grand and my trust was rewarded with a significantly better return.
Thank you Pianotek!
J.Clark, Fort Lauderdale,FL

    •  Love the C1. It is so much better then any new piano we saw in the same price range.
R. Bona, Manorville NY

    •  Recently purchased a Yamaha U1 from Pianotek from my wife. Was extremely impressed both by the instrument and the level of service. The instrument looks  like new despite being built in the early 70's and plays with a beautiful tone. Dennis Pereca was extremely helpful and knowledgable guiding me through my choice, and then arranging very professional out of state delivery. Throughly recommended!
T. Delange, Mooresville NC

Just wanted to say again how happy I am with the piano. It's a pleasure to play and will be an inspiration for many years to come. Matt and his crew had no easy job getting it upstairs but they did it with little fanfare and no damage to either the house or the piano. And thanks to you for being such a delight to deal with. I'll look forward to receiving the bench soon and completing the picture.
All the best,

N. Bartram, Hudson NY

    •  Had a Yamaha U3 delivered to CA from Pianotek. Great piano..excellent transaction and they are a honest!
G.Marco, Sacramento CA
    •  Bought our U3 from Pianotek and my wife and I are throughly pleased. It is
exactly as described and Mr. Pereca could not have been more helpful.... We 
would highly recommend them. Thank you Dennis,
Walter & Eileen Ledwith, Youngsville NY

    •  When my wife and were looking for a piano we have not much knowledge of piano other than how much we are willing to spend and when so we visited the website of Pianotek (which was  recommended from a friend who bought a piano there) When we went ther, he explain to us all about pianos. So we bought Yamaha U-3 and when it was delivered he came to tune the piano. It was a fabulous experience from start to finish. Very Satified buyer!
S. Peng, Flushing NY

•  Pianotek did exactly what they said .......they sold my piano on consignment...honored the terms...and there were no hidden extras for polishing,cleaning or repair..and in a week...Wow! .a real pleasure to do business with you ...Happy New Year!!
E. Boselli
, Bayside NY

    •  Pianotek is a fabulous vendor! We purchased our Yamaha U3 from them and are very satisfied.
F.Kritcsh, Glen Cove NY

    •   Dennis, All went well with the piano delivery and my daughter is delighted and so am I. Thank you for your business. Regards,kveðja
J.Gudmundsson, Reykjavik Iceland

    •   The Yamaha U3 piano is in the house and is perfect!! Thanks so much for your efforts
R. Mosher, Andover MA

    •  I recently purchased a used 1972 Yamaha U3 piano from PianoTek after searching eBay, Craig’s List and various other resources. Owner Dennis Pereca was straight forward and extremely knowledgeable. The price of the piano compared very favorably to any other piano I found. My piano is in perfect condition inside and out. Dennis is available at any time to answer questions and provide follow up. PianoTek is a legitimate, experienced and honest dealer. They are transparent and follow through on their commitments. I would recommend PianoTek to anyone looking for a quality, used piano. There is absolutely no need to purchase a new piano. Yamaha pianos are constructed to withstand all climates in all geographies. I checked with a friend who is an internationally-renowned concert pianist and he is now considering purchasing from PianoTek.
I. Krivin, Port Washington NY

    •  Mom received the piano and loves it.  What an amazing instrument.  Thanks so much for all of your help. It was a pleasure doing business with you. 
Merry Christmas...
B. PriceBirmingham AL

    •  First let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart! The piano (that I bought sight unseen) was just as you said it was, perfect in every way!! It is beautiful and plays like a dream! The delivery worked out perfectly, Matt was a complete gentleman and very punctual. He worked with me very well. My daughters were/are thrilled with the sound and looks of the Yamaha piano.
Just as I told you when we originally spoke, I am completely ignorant in the musician arena. Thanks for your guidance and your 1000% honesty.  You have the highest recommendation from 
me! If you ever need someone to speak on your behalf, please don't hesitate to call on me. If you have the chance to meet my girls, they might call you Santa... LOL  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

 D. Keylon, Bethpage NY

    •   Hi Dennis, Just wanted you to know how very happy I am with my piano. It is a joy everyday to play it. Thanks again for offering such a great product at such a great price!
T.J. Hurst, Healdton OK

    •  My husband and I purchased a U1 Yamaha piano from PianoTek about a year and
a half ago. Dennis guided us through the process with enthusiasm.  We felt
like we were talking with a friend we had known for years.  He sincerely
cared about helping us find the right piano for our family!  He did!  Dennis
answered all of our questions and made the whole process a wonderful one! We LOVE our piano!  Even over a year later I called with a question and Dennis
says "Hey I remember you guys from New Hampshire!  How is your Yamaha!" 

D.and M. Sawyer, Concord NH

Thank you Dennis for the lovely piano. The Yamaha sounds great and I enjoy playing on this wonderful grand. Best Regards,
A. Fishman Morristown NJ

Trusted The Pianotek Company with the consignment sale of my gorgeous Sohmer grand and my trust was rewarded with a significantly better return. Thank you Pianotek!
J.Clark, Fort Lauderdale,FL

    •  My husband and I absolutely love the Yamaha U1 we purchased from The Pianotek Company..Thanks Again! 

G. Williams, Huntsville AL

    •  I purchased a G2 from Dennis over 5 years ago with a pianomation player
system.  The piano is perfect.  In addition the service for tuning etc... Pianotek is 
the best.
S.Mogul, Cold Spring Harbor NY

    •  We want to thank you for making the purchase of our Yamaha U3 such a joyful experience. The piano looks terrific and plays great. Above all we have the peace of mind from having purchased the product from someone that we truly 

Thank you for helping us choose the right product by sharing your knowledge.
Not for a moment did we feel the pressure that we have experienced from 
sales people in big piano stores. Your sincerity and candor are your
 business' biggest assets. We wish you all the best. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dasgupta, Edison NJ

    •  It was a pleasure doing business with you! Love the Piano!! Thanks Again.
J Meta, Weehawken NJ

    •  The process was smooth.  I appreciate all of your communication and follow-through to make this as seamless and as easy as possible.  I am still waiting on the 2 person bench, which I believe you told me would take approx. 10 days so hopefully that will be arriving this week.  Otherwise, thank you for the tuner contact info and for your excellent service throughout this process.   

   T. Blakeslee, Bedford NY


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